Quran is the center of a Muslim life, learning Quran is an obligation for every Muslim. Allah Almighty has pour the guidelines for Muslim life in Quran, then you can’t actually live as Muslim without Quran. As Muslims are spread over the world, they face different challenges from place to place, including to get a proper a reliable tutor for learning Quran. If you’re one of them, then you should learn Quran online usa.
However, it's very important to get the reliable and reputable sites only. There are actually many disinformations about learning Quran online with tajweed. That’s why you need to know what you need to learn from Quran tutors online:


1. The Capability to Give Proper Answer

It’s not a secret that Muslims, especially when you’re in secular countries get various questions. If you’re incapable to give a proper answer, it will support the growing misunderstanding and propaganda against the Muslim world. That’s why you need to learn Quran online for adults, so you can give a proper answer.

2. Scientific Background

The common stereotype usually promoted is that Islam is the opposite of scientific knowledge. In fact, Islam has been promoting and even encouraging scientific discoveries and invention. Learning Quran online usa will certainly make you capable the scientific background of Islam, then you can explain to them.

3. Humanity Understanding

The mainstream world perspective on Islam is undoubtedly driven by bias and misconception about Islam promoting terrorism. Learning and understanding Quran online with tajweed allows you to understand that Islam promotes humanity as the core and essence of it. Terrorism is actually has nothing to do with Islam.

4. Law Conception

Quran contains law that tells Muslims about what they do and doesn’t do. The law is highly related to various aspects of life including the marital, ethical, economic, and social life of a Muslim. Learning and understanding Quran is actually inevitable to have an ideal understanding of Islamic law. It’s very crucial as you need to know about the reasons behind the implementation including the punishments applied for law violation.

5. Human Rights knowledge

There is actually misguided perception that Islam doesn’t  promote equality between men and women. In such case, learning Quran online usa is even more important as you need to rigidly understand the fundamental rights of men and women. This understanding makes you capable to answer such question and effectively provide a proper understanding of human right from the Islamic perspective.

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