Planning to grow your own feminized seeds in your backyard? Good choice because when you buy weed seeds means that your own plants will have more vigor and adequate quality than purchase pre-made products.


Not to mention that the kush seeds won’t come with pests, which make your garden safer than before. The good thing about planting the feminized seeds by yourself is that you can save hundreds even thousands of bucks that you usually purchase from the dealers. The pot seeds are also attainable online.


However, not all online store selling the seeds are created equal. How do you know that the feminized seeds you purchase online are good? Also, how can your seller protect your privacy while you are transacting?


How can you protect your privacy when you buy weed seeds online? You could consider these things.


First things first, keep your kush seeds a secret. Don’t tell anyone even your best friend. The moment you text someone that you are going to buy weed seeds, this will expose yourself. Not that you shouldn’t believe in your best friends. Sometimes, there’s a thing beyond our savvies.  You know, all the state-of-the-art government tools can tap your means of communication online. There is no need to tell anyone about your transaction.


To keep your identity, consider using other email accounts with different names. If the online seller accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, that’ll be even better. Instead of using your real bank account or Paypal account, you could use your Bitcoin wallet. It is now super easy to find legit Bitcoin exchange online. You can exchange your cash with Bitcoin for the safer transaction.


Now you need to consider the shipping address. In case you are going to plant the kush seeds in your backyard, don’t ask the seller to ship it to the address wherein you are going to plant it. Instead, send it to your friend’s or relative’s house, or any other places. Sending seeds to the place you wish to grow them will just give you a lot of problems.


You also don’t need to tell your friends that you send the weeds to them. You could say that it is some shitty stuff even not worth to check. Or, maybe tell them that it is for your parents or brothers. If possible, only ship the seeds using the Shipping service which does not require a signature.


Only buy weed seeds from trusted and renowned seed bank or vendor. Chances are, you have already checked hundreds of sites out there. Don’t get tempted by insanely cheap seeds sold online. Mind about your safety first. It is wise to stick only to the trusted bank or vendor.


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