The most commonly used recreational drugs of today’s world are alcoholic beverages which are widely used all over the world. Though there are several laws regarding the production, sale and consumption of these beverages, they are not quite stringent when it comes to its operation. These beverages are even banned in some of the countries as well. But given the social role they play, the alcohol industry is crossing millions of dollars per year. Depending on the content of alcohol the beverages can be categorized into three types namely, beers, wines and spirits which contain 4 to 40 percent of alcohol by volume.

The most common type of beverage that comes in mind when you are talking about alcohol is Whisky. It is widely consumed at every strata of society since it comes in various purity levels, and price depends on its refined quality. The history of this beverage can be traced back to the emergence of humans on this planet. The earliest civilizations used to practice distillation which is the common form of this alcohol. The liquor was perfected from around the world and its importance has also changed greatly. The best known beverage is the one of Australian origin that has won medals and recognition worldwide.

The distilled spirits that are made in Brasil are derived from sugarcane. It is the most popular distilled spirit of the tropical region and plays a huge role in most of the tropical drinks. Since the tropical regions have abundance of sugarcane production, so this type of spirit is easily available there. You will find this liquor divided into two broad categories which are unaged and aged. This particular property is quite similar to other type of alcoholic beverages as well. Wooden barrels play a huge role in its process of production. As its flavors are determined by the type of wood the barrel is made of.

Refined and so much like its place of origin, the Macallanis the third largest selling malt liquor. It is very interesting to know that this beverage is matured only in oak sherry casks that are carefully chosen. The bourbon oak casks also go well with it. The full bodied flavors of this spirit are so soothing that it is bound to take you to the serene beauty of the place of its origin. There are very few expressions that can actually define the taste of this spirit. And it is the most sought after spirit by the collectors.

The term single malt is derived from the fact that it is derived exclusively from malted single grain. The other name of this beverage is widely termed as scotch. If you are looking for finest taste, then this is the liquor for you. Usage of caramel additive is also very profound in this type of single malt liquor. Its unmatched taste has made it the most popular beverage all over the world. And every country more or less is now engaged in its production and sales. It is the alcohol is the first recorded alcoholic beverage in the history of mankind.

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