There are several photographic accessories to pick from - some have the tendency to be tricks while others are necessities. Below we detail the picture devices that have actually been crucial to us on our greater than 100 African wildlife safaris.


1. Better-Beamer Flash Extender - this device enables you to increase your flash outcome by 2 to 3 quits with lenses of 300mm and longer. It is little, light, folds up flat and takes just a few secs to fit into the flash. Many waterholes in the Kgalagadi as well as Etosha are between 50 and 100 meters away so this device becomes vital for your night-time capturing.


2. Cable television Launch - this is an important image accessory when firing long direct exposures from a couple of secs to star tracks of a few hours. It additionally enables you to get sharper photographs when made use of along with your tripod.


3. Digital Picture Storage Device - you have to bring something to keep your photographs on, be it your laptop computer, mobile exterior hard disk or plenty of additional portable flash cards. We can shoot over 30GB a day and our regular safari is 10 days so you do the mathematics! We take a 500GB external hard disk drive plus our laptop.


4. Dirt Protection and Cleansing Devices - African game gets like the Kruger Park are warm as well as dusty so it is essential to shield your gear from dust as well as the sunlight by covering it with a towel. On top of that you ought to clean your gear everyday with a light bulb blower and lens pen.


5. Filters - you should use UV or skylight filters for security on your smaller sized lenses and also a polarizer to decrease glare from water or to boost colors. If you are going to Etosha a polarizer is a must due to the glow from the white sand. A split neutral density filter will certainly aid you with landscape images.


6. Flash - the flash that is constructed into a lot of video cameras might be sufficient for day-time fill-flash yet not for nocturnal photography. We make use of Nikon SB 900 flashes - these are powerful flashes that provide the light for us when capturing in camps at night and even fill-flash for daylight.


7. Power - your camera, laptop computer and also flash all work with batteries or keys so please guarantee you bring spare batteries, battery chargers, and also mains adapters. For areas like the Kgalagadi wild camps you should obtain an Inverter, which permits you to bill electronic camera batteries and laptop computer batteries in the auto while driving as the cabins do not have electrical power.


8. Tele-converters - a tele-converter enables you to magnify your subject without investing excessive money on pricey telephoto lenses. If you have a lens with an optimum aperture of f2.8 of f4 a tele-converter must work extremely nicely. We suggest you purchase the very same brand as your video camera and also lens.


9. Spotlight - a top quality brilliant limelight is a has to for the Kruger, Etosha and Kgalagadi. In the evening the uncommon 'elusive-eleven' animals are energetic and also can be photographed from the camps and in the camps. We recommend the Lightforce spotlights that are made in Australia.


10. Stable Support - to obtain sharp pictures you should supply a stable support for your cam. Relying on whether you are doing a self-drive or guided tour you should bring a tripod, bean bag or window install. We do self drive safaris so we have the high-end of being able to take all 3 supports with us. A bean bag is extremely helpful for use in your lorry as well as in the Kruger and also Pilanesberg bird hides.


The above photo devices will not make you a far better digital photographer however they will make your photos better!


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