What you don’t know is that rivers play a major role in the lives of native people. Just like air the second most important thing you need for survival is plain and clear water. But, with the growing water pollutions, it becomes rather difficult to enjoy that purified version of water anymore. It is not just destroying the water bodies but also harming the environment and its people to a great extent. So, the first point that crosses your mind right now is to Save the Rivers. For that, you may have to take some measures but it is all worth it.

It is a known fact that water occupies around two-third portion of the world. With the growing earth’s population, people are currently emphasizing on an ever increasing pressure revolving around some water resources. Inland water connections, oceans and small rivers are exploited and over-used for the sake of human activities. Even factories are not thinking twice before dumping their waste materials on water body, giving rise to Water Pollution. Degrading condition of water body is what gives rise to pollution. The chemicals deposited on the water bodies get sediment at the bottom, causing growing pollution to harm water creatures, human beings and the environment as a whole.

There are seven major rivers known to compose the Indian River system. Among the lot, Ganga is known as Mother River and mostly for its widespread nature and innumerable values. It is not just any river body but considered a holy one by the pilgrims. To describe Ganga and its birth, it is important to head towards the mythological era and a bit of history first. There are so many interpretations associated with its birth. The most popular story is believed to be the one where Ganga was born when Lord Brahma washed feet of Lord Vishnu.

In the legendary Indian epic Ramayana, Valmiki stated Ganga to be the daughter of Menaka and indomitable Himalayas. Then Ganga was asked to marry Lord Shiva and from thereafter, she resides in Kailash, which is also known as the starting point of this main river. In terms of geographical evidence, Ganga flows east through North Indian plan and residing finally into Bangladesh. There are multiple small streams combined together to form the headwaters. It is originated from the Gangotri glacier in Uttarakhand and has been the lifeline of Indian people for years now.

Now, the time has come when you have to save Ganga and other water bodies from further pollution. So you need to know more about the Ways to Prevent Water Pollution. You can try implementing some strict laws where people will be fined heavily for polluting Ganga. Government should work on some of the best sewage treatments to safeguard the healthy water body. On the other hand, it is time to discard using plastic as that it harmful for water sources and can kill water creatures like fishes easily by chocking them. After that you have wastes from farm, which should be taken care of to prevent pollution Ganga and other water bodies.

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