FAQs About Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a perfect consideration if you seek a once-and-for-all solution to the hair loss you’ve been battling with. With the present technology, having a natural look with full hair is possible irrespective of the hair loss challenge you’ve been faced with. Times before now, patients have only had to settle for hairs that look like that of a doll, but with the advancement that we now have, hair transplant can be done with less stress and the result would be as good as a natural hair.

Perhaps you have some questions as regards Hair Transplant, here are answers to some common questions people often ask when it comes to hair transplant.

Who is right for hair transplant?

For a young man who is in his 20s, suffering from hair loss and wondering what the best approach to solving the problem is, you can as well consider having hair transplant or adopting the use of medicine. People of both gender (male and female) irrespective of race are suitable for hair transplant. However, 2 major things have to be in place before hair transplant can be concluded;

  1. The presence of good scalp hair that would be grafted to the needed areas on the scalp
  2. Ability for hair to grow on the loss area of the scalp

Your dermatologist will find out whether these two things are in place during your consultation by giving you an exhaustive scalp examination. Blood test may also be needed to find out the reason for your hair loss. When this blood test is carried out, it would be easy to point out the various occurrences happening in your body which are responsible for the hair loss.

There is something called “Scalp Biopsy”, your dermatologist will have the opportunity to take the requirements for this procedure during your consultation. As long as all the examinations carried out on you prove that you are fit for hair transplant, your dermatologist will get you informed on what outcome to expect.



What and what do they do in transplant?

Averagely, hair transplant takes about 4 – 8 hours, majority of the patients are often conscious throughout the surgery with just anaesthesia to benumb the scalp, and some patients use mid sedative for relaxation purpose. The surgical process begins with the dermatologist taking out healthy hairs. To get the natural-looking hair you desire, your dermatologist may take out the good hairs either by taking out individual hair or cutting a portion of skin with good hair from your own scalp.

What is the time gap before you see the results of hair transplant?

A lot of patients see the outcome of hair transplant within the space of six months or nine months from the time of surgery while it takes about twelve months for some others.

You should also know that once the surgery has been completed, the grafted hair would fall out after about two to eight weeks of the surgery. So, when you notice this, there is no reason fret because it is a normal occurrence with hair transplant patients.

Hire the service of Hair Front for your hair transplant today, and you would be glad you did.

For more information please visit us on https://www.thehairfront.com/

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