iLembe Municipality

ilembe Muncipality one of the 11 municipalities of which is the smallest one  proud to be in the position responsible for the economic development and growth of this district. As the agency responsible for trade and investment promotions and the local economic development in the region we take our responsibilities seriously and work really hard alongside the other municipalities to ensure that that there is constant growth within this region. The potential that our development projects and initiatives could not be in a better region than here in the North coast Kwazulu Natal.

The unsurpassing beauty of Kwazulu Natal makes it a great place for investors to invest and therefore provides great opportunities. Africans,Indians and Asians make up most of the population. The subtropical climate that is most year round make it an inviting place for all those investors and tourist in need of a good holiday as the warm weather invites all local and international tourist to bask in the sun and enjoy all the outdoor and water sports on offer, and what better way to enjoy a vacation than in a place like this. Steeped in history and culture that is to date very rich warm and inviting experience to be shared and enjoyed amongst all. The ilembe Municipality have many projects, events and investment opportunities. We grow the development of the economy by educating our locals and teaching them the skills they need to be a part of the development which intern means a better future for them and their families. The skills that are taught give them opportunity to better their lives and put food on the table

There are various projects that theiIembe Muncipality are currently involved in of which is Agricultural Commercial agriculture, such as sugar cane farming alongthe coastal stripSubsistence agriculture in the rural hinterland and inland areasMaking an important contribution to the local and  national economy given the foreign exchange earnings and high employment linkages.The manufacturing sector processes raw materials into finished products such as paper, clothing, furniture and electrical appliances. The growth potential of this hub is making  a difference in the lives of not just the locals involved and employed to carry out their tasks and duties as part of the movement that is enhancing the growth of the economy but through the investors who are recognizing the huge growth potential of the projects that ilembe municipality is actively overseeing and guiding.

For more information please visit http://www.enterpriseilembe.org.za/

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