When you are talking about air pollution, the matter seems serious to hamper your health and physical condition. This word is definitely surrounded by worries, which are to be taken care of on time. The human health, well-being of animals and even maintaining natural ecosystem balance are some points to consider over here. Everything is more or less threatened by polluting the air as a whole. Moreover, such pollution is the leading reason behind smog creation, acid rain, allergies, cancer and even intensifies symptoms of asthma patients. It can further lead to some respiratory diseases and even endangers fauna and flora to a great extent.

If you are sure of the air pollution causes first, then working on the right solution can prove to be of great help now. The first cause is the presence of any particulate matter in atmosphere. On the other hand, you can easily pollute the air with the presence of some poisonous gases in it. With the growing rise of vehicle usage these days, chances are high that too much of emission from vehicles are taking place. Well, this is another proven factor behind the growth of pollution. The vehicles will exhaust fumes, which in turn can cause major pollution in urban areas.

It is time to check on the sources, resulting in such polluting condition. Once you get a glimpse of the source, matters can easily act in your favor for sure. One of the major sources of air pollution in points has to be internal combustion engines. It is also one of the biggest sources of such issue. In case you have a time machine and even travel to past, you can see that it all started with the invention of steam engines. As you cannot imagine your life without proper commutation, therefore; growing amount of trucks, buses, cars and bikes result in higher use of internal engines.

On the other hand, you have coals and fossil fuels, used for generating electricity in power plants, homes and factories. This might be helpful in one way but rather harmful in other areas. It affects the environment adversely and needs to be substituted with other solar use for generating power. Petroleum seems to be another driving force of this world and also harming the environment in big ways. Some of the other sources of such pollution are factories, use of too many fertilizers, mining and more.

There are some significant ways available to control pollution. These methods for prevention of air pollution should be taken care of instantly and implied right away to avoid further damage to your green Earth. At first, you need to start by controlling air particulates. On the other hand, you can try using wet scrubbers for trapping particles by spraying water or any other form of liquid. Another way to control pollution is through electrostatic precipitators. You can try your hands using bag house filters and also controlling excessive flow of harmful gases. Carbon sequestration is another principle way to reduce carbon dioxide level in air and preventing pollution.

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