5 Qualities Features Of Good Catering Companies


Catering like any other profession that exists is not one you can just take up without possessing a level of skills necessary to succeed in the field. Asides from the challenges associated with cooking, caterers must also be able to handle matters that as regards accounting, customer relations and marketing.

Agreed, catering companies in Cape Town are faced with several challenges, but as many that possess the following characteristics or qualities will thrive in their catering business.

Top-notch cooking

When all is said and done, how great your cooking is and the satisfactory level of the food you offer to your customers will say a great deal about your catering company. It doesn’t matter how graceful your décor is or how beautiful your selected location is, if your food quality is poor, you can be sure that your clients will never patronize or refer you again. You should have good cooking experience on how to plan menus, meal preparation and safe delivery to the venue.

Customer service

One of the few things that endear individuals to a service company or put them of if the kind of customer service they get. As stressful or tasking as you’re the work of catering companies (Cape Town) are, you should never let your customers have a feel of what you are going through. You must be tactful and sometimes diplomatic to be able to persuade your clients to substitute a dish or an ingredient for another. You should make yourself the ‘people’s person’ with excellent communication skills.

Financial planning skills

Catering is known to be unstable all through the year due to different factors. You can be sure that more works will show up during weekends and the holidays so, you must be capable of creating accurate financial balance. Avoid charging your clients excessively, but always maintain balance and get the necessary profit from your business.

Being meticulous

When catering companies are hired in Cape Town, they are given the responsibility of ensuring everything, ranging from the food to be served and the flowers at the table, are well taken care of. This makes it imperative for you to take note of even the tiniest detail. With this quality, you will be able to avoid any form of embarrassment on your side and on the side of your client.


Catering Companies Cape Town serve varying individuals with different values, different classes and from innumerable spheres of life at a go, which means there are people with different allergies (of which you might not be pre-informed), different tastes, religious beliefs, likes and dislikes. This is why you must be able to adjust already existing recipes from time to time to suit the taste of your guests. Be flexible, be creative and know how to work how things with the best interest of your clients at heart.

Out of this Planet Catering is a Catering company is these aforementioned qualities and more. Feel free to contact us and make book us for your important ceremonies or events. Our professionalism is at its peak.

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